Stand Up Paddle is the latest water sports trend in the UK. It is a great way to stay in shape even without any waves. It is suitable for racing with friends, have a fun time, go for weight loss, build endurance, build core stability, do some exploring and adventure and much more multiple reasons why you must do some Stand-Up Paddle. It is straightforward to learn and buying the equipment is also very easy. Stand Up Paddle started first in Hawaii. The paddler stands on the board and uses the paddle to propel the board across the water.

On the contrary, the traditional surfers have to sit on the board and wait for the waves to start their surfing. It is an exciting outdoor sports activity. Stand up Paddlers wear a variety of wetsuits that suits the weather and water of the place where they paddle. The leash is always recommended for paddling environment for safety purposes. The paddles are held with two hands, and the blade in the paddle is tilted away from the body. Different blade types are used for different kind of paddling conditions.

There is no other better place to learn this other than the Torquay Stand Up Paddle School in Devon. The introductory course is just 30 Euros for two hours session, and the equipment is also provided by the school. The intermediate and advanced classes are 40 Euros and 50 Euros respectively. It is a fun way to learn at Devon School which teaches the best techniques of body balance and paddling. The session will take place in calmed down fabulous water and we assure your teaching will be pure bliss, fun and safe. We also teach you about water safety, tides, swimming and equipment maintenance. You can apply for this course online or visit us at our school to know more about how we handle each session. Our teaching team has about 15 years of experience in teaching to novice paddlers with lots of care and proper training and care for the students. We believe in the quality of our school and courses. Our funding come from several angel investors and some larger corporations. Our boards are striped with Leo Vegas Casino and Ask Whales logotypes. By talking about responsible gambling together with responsible sportsmanship we try to educate our students. We have tailored the classes in such a way that it reaches the specific needs of each and every student in our school.