Torquay Stand Up Paddle School in Devon offers three courses in Stand-Up Paddle Sport. You can apply for the course online or visit us at our school to know more about how we handle each session. We are the top Stand Up Paddle School of Devon. We take classes and offer rentals as well. If you are interested in learning this fantastic sport, feel free to fill the contact form below or visit us at our place. We specialise in teaching the game to people of all skill level.

Being passionate to surf for paddle boarders, we are here to make it easy for you to try or fine tune your surfing skills. You have come to the right place for that. We offer tailor-made three courses at our school to learn how to use the paddle board, techniques to surf well, do body balance, water safety, sail repairs and much more which you cannot miss! Our expert tuition teaches all essential skills to grow your surfing level to the next step. We teach techniques and help you to prevent any injury while paddling. We hope this platform will also help you to take part in sports and spend more time on the waters.

All you need to do is enter your location of where you want to learn the skill in the UK and our website will show up the closest school branch. You can then see all the necessary details, click enquire and send an email to our school. You can also use the phone numbers below to contact our school directly. Also, our website has all details about the courses, what to expect from each lesson, what to wear and take along and tips on purchasing your first board.