Torquay Stand Up Paddle School in Devon offers three courses in Stand-Up Paddle Sport. We have three classes, the introductory, intermediate and the advanced course in Stand-Up Paddle Course at our esteemed school. Students can pick the category as per your expertise in Stand-Up Paddle Sports.

Introductory Stand Up Paddle Course

Novice Students who are new to Stand Up Paddle Sport and are interested in learning it, can take up the first Stand Up Paddle Course. Here we teach you about how to handle the equipment needed for Paddling namely the Stand-Up Board and the Paddle. We also teach about tides, water safety and how to move in the board using the paddle balancing your body correctly. This is a two hours session for 30 Euros. Our experienced teachers are friendly and make sure their students understand all the basics of paddling. You are required to know swimming to take up this course.

Intermediate Stand Up Paddle Course

The intermediate Stand Up Paddle course is for those who have basic knowledge of paddling or for those who have taken up the introductory course already with us or from any other school recently. In this course, we teach about the different blades used in paddles and the purpose of each of them. We show you to do the paddling taking control of proper body posture and balance and to reach the target line within a few minutes. By taking this course, we ensure that you are able to do the Stand-Up Paddle all by yourself in the three hours session duration. The course fee is 40 Euros.

Advanced Stand Up Paddle Course

The advanced level Stand Up Paddle course if for those you have already taken up the intermediate class with us and have a good body control while doing the Stand-Up Paddling. In this course, we give vigorous training for about five hours with a break in between. We train them in such perfection that they can participate in competitions that happen regularly in the UK. We teach how to do sail repairs in this course. We provide the equipment needed for the sports as takeaways in this course. The course fee is 50 Euros.