Stand-Up Paddling is a very famous sport in the UK. The equipment used in this sport is the stand-up board and the paddle that is used to propel forward by manpower. Many companies are involved in providing waterways sports equipment such as boats, boards, paddles, etc. There are also companies that help when these types of equipment gets repair and also offer rentals. At the Torquay Stand Up Paddle School in Devon, both the intermediatory and advanced courses teach how to repair the boards and paddles when they are broke or repair. SUP is the acronym of stand-up paddle boarding. The SUP's are longer and wider, that is buoyant and hence helps you to body balance very well. The components of this sport are board, paddle and the blade.

There are three types of stand-up paddleboards namely, surf, all round and flat-water boards.

  • Surf Boards - They are shorter in length with a narrower tail and nose. It is perfect if you are going to surf all the time. They are also less stable.
  • All Round Boards - They are thick, broader and longer than surfboards. They are useful for first-timers since it is wide and very durable. They have a decent glide and surf performance. The mast foot fitting on the board deck is versatile.
  • Flatwater Boards - The nose area is pointed to increase the flight and help the board to move straight. The sides are rounded and give more speed. The narrower end is not recommended for newcomers.

The School teaches how to effectively repair the sailboards, paddle or the blade when they are broke or do not make you propel forward faster. The repair tools used to set them back are also available at school for teaching and purchase by students if needed for their personal needs. The teachers at our school have a good experience in both teachings the students to propel the board faster and do the sail repairs efficiently. So do not miss the wonderful opportunity to learn end to end details in stand-up paddle sports from us!