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Starboard DRIVE 10'5 x 30" Best Seller

£ 799.00 each

Drive 10'5" x 30" BESTSELLER!

THE NUMBER ONE BEST SELLER, the UK's favourite SUP! A superb surfing all-rounder 

The Drive has won thousands of friends across the globe: easy to paddle and great to surf. A progressive shape provides agile surfing, yet there's enough glide for some flatwater capability too. It's the number one selling shape in the UK; an extremely popular allrounder. It's useful to know it fits inside a Transporter van too! 

Average weight riders looking for an allrounder with a bias towards flatwater paddling more than surf should consider the Blend 11'2". Heavier riders look towards the Avanti or 11'2" Wide Point. 

Heavier or riders looking for a surfing biased allrounder should consider the 10'5" or 9'5" Wide Point.SPECIAL 10'5" DRIVE OFFERS: 
15% off listed price: 2015 Starshot Red, 20% off Wood

2015 Starshot Red £799.00

2016 Starshot Red £875

 Also available 

 2016 AST Electric £1229.00

2016 Wood £1399.00

2016 Brushed Carbon £2049.00